Company History

Ohiopyle Prints didn't start out in anything as grand as someone's garage; it all started in the back of an old school bus!  As young men, founder’s Fred Wright and Scott Bortree worked as whitewater river guides among other occupations.  As a part-time job they built their own hand-operated printing press which they located in the back of an old school bus, and began producing custom T-shirts for whitewater outfitters.

The success of their high quality products and good old-fashioned dedication to customer service led quickly to Ohiopyle Prints becoming a full-time occupation.  Today we've grown to fill a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility and employ more than 160 workers.

We continue to produce products for those same customers more than 25 years later, although the school bus has long since been retired.

A few years after starting out we got a phone call from Berlin Pharmacy in Berlin Pennsylvania, requesting custom T-shirts to sell in their pharmacy.  Well, little did we know at the time that this was the first of the more than 10,000 grocery and pharmacies that would carry what would soon be branded "My Town Originals.”

My Town Originals is currently carried by customers in all 50 states and in stores from the smallest independents to the largest national chains.
We are proud of Ohiopyle Prints growth from a part-time operation until today with thousands of loyal customers. We also gratefully thank the many customers and suppliers who have been partners in our success.